About us

Hello. Welcome to Mylittleplaydate. Glad you’re here.

Welcome to our easy playdates for kids, We are Dhanya & Jerry, the founders. Typical parents juggling IT jobs, our little girl Sasha and life in general. We are active parents and believe in the good old outdoors to keep our sanity with our busy schedules. Outdoors provide much-needed family time, rejuvenation and a lot of fun.

Though we have to connect kids and parents for fun, Sasha enjoys the company of he own age more, the reasons are obvious. We learned over some time; that kids don’t need familiarity. They can meet for the 1st time and play their hearts out, without even knowing each other’s names. At the beach or a restaurant or at a function, all Sasha would need is our permission. She would assess the situation, come to us and ask for permission to play with a particular kid of her choice. If the answer is yes, they would have a lot of fun and go further by inducting more kids making it a little fun group.

While they are at it, developing essential personality traits. This urge to make friends, play and have fun, will only grow stronger as our easy playdates for kids grow up.

We decided to delve into this a bit more and realized there’s more than what meets the eye.

One thing for certain is, that kids love to play. Many are restricted to physical location, same community, neighbors, locality, social circles, etc. They may or may not like them but don’t have a choice. Many kids are just lonely with a TV or a mobile phone as their primary pastime. Playing is not only for the weekends, it’s an everyday affair and the more outdoors our kids get, the better. Hardworking parents want to but are just unable to squeeze out time regularly. Furthermore, we are in a new age of same-sex parents, this is a completely new dynamic. We also realized there is more opportunity to find creative ways to entertain children with disabilities and their parents who will appreciate the downtime.

This is a problem that needs to be addressed, we just rolled up our sleeves to DO something about it. There starts our journey to make a difference in the world we live in, trying to create a social impact.

We decided to create a platform and build a bi-faceted community. For kids and their parents alike.

Playdate for kids can find friends to play with at any time. With parents’ supervision of course. Location-based searches and filters help select kids nearby, within the specified age group, or with a specific type of disability. Once the Community vibes, you’ve heard of group studies! Why should it be only with kids you know, brilliance comes from the strangest places, as long as there are no boundaries.

Parents can leverage each other to monitor, alternating responsibilities managing their busy schedules. Divide responsibilities by assigning tasks, collaborating, sharing and learning.

Our mission is to build a safe and inclusive platform that enables physical human connection where parents and easy playdates for kids have easy access to each other, make friends for life, having fun along the way.